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Mindful Solutions to Common Corporate Problems

To counter these trends, major corporations like Apple, Google, Nike, AOL/TIme Warner, Nike, Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, and HBO offer their employees mindfulness programs (4).

The bottom line: Mindfulness programs make employees healthier,  happier, and more productive.


Mindfulness can help you…

Reduce your stress. Improve your health. Manage your emotions. Harness your mind’s productive power. Discover inner peace. Cultivate more patience. Enhance your creativity. Improve your relationships. Be happier.

Yes, all this is possible with a regular mindfulness meditation practice.

The science proves it.

Corporations see it.


At Aetna, participants in mindfulness meditation classes reported an average 28% reduction in stress levels, a 20% improvement in sleep quality and a 19% reduction in pain. They also become more effective on the job, gaining an average of 62 minutes per week of productivity, which Aetna estimates is worth $3,000 per employee per year. Plus, Aetna found that participating employees reported lower annual healthcare costs.


The mindfulness program at Keurig Green Mountain began with top executives, but quickly become an integral part of corporate culture, from corporate officers to warehouse employees. The company has seen a reduction in stress levels and in workplace injuries. Managers say that mindfulness “has made workers more attuned to their surroundings, more aware of their own behavior and, therefore, more disciplined in their execution of tasks on the factory floor.”


At Intel, the 1,500 employees who participated in 19-session meditation course were asked to rank their levels of stress and happiness on 10-point scales. Participants reported their average levels of stress had decreased by 20%, while their happiness had increased by 30%. They also reported having more new ideas, greater insights, mental clarity, creativity, and a greater ability to focus. Many also shared better quality of relationships at work and improved level of engagement in meetings, projects and team efforts.

Customized Programs

We offer several options to customize your company’s mindfulness & wellness program.



A great sampler.

These sessions are a great way to introduce mindfulness meditation to your company in a 60 minute time frame.

In this experiential session, participants feel the relaxing effects of meditation.

They also learn foundational information on the techniques and the benefits of mindfulness. Sessions can be created for small or large groups and are suitable for all levels of corporate organizations.



Much more than just meditation.

Yes, research shows that mindfulness and meditation improves your health by helping you reduce stress levels in your life.

However, groundbreaking research in the field of positive psychology identifies many complementary -and simple- strategies proven to enhance your well being, without the side effects of medication.

Our “Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction” program brings together the best meditation techniques plus powerful practices from the science of happiness.

In each session, participants learn specific techniques -and the science behind them- that they can easily apply to their daily lives to systematically minimize their stress levels, intentionally create positive habits, and consistently increase happiness and well being in their daily lives.



Get results.

Leo’s unique Life Coaching programs help professionals achieve a healthier work-life balance, manage stress more effectively, and achieve their personal goals.

Guided by the changes you want to achieve, Leo’s 12 week coaching program is always individualized to your needs. Your personalized program is anchored by weekly coaching sessions to support you in your transformation.

As you become more peaceful and let go of stress, you begin to navigate daily challenges with calm, resilience, and creativity. You also have more energy to enjoy and excel across your personal, family, and work life.



Create a mindfulness program customized for your company’s needs.

How can a mindfulness program help your company? Let’s get specific.

Our creative consulting process includes a series of conversations, experiential sessions, and the right questions to identify your company’s specific goals, benchmarks, and desired outcomes.

We deliver a set of recommendations and a customized mindfulness program crafted to improve the wellness, satisfactions, and engagement of employees at all levels.



Experience weekly mindfulness meditation sessions in a supportive group setting.

Meditating with others is the most effective way to to develop an effective, consistent personal mindfulness practice.

Leo’s in-house sessions offer employees the opportunity to experience guided meditations in a supportive group setting. Each week we focus on specific aspects of mindfulness meditation including breath work and awareness practices that to help you relax, let go of stressful habits, and enjoy life more peacefully.

Participants finish each session feeling energized and refreshed. Most importantly, they learn how to meditate and how to cultivate mindfulness in all areas of their lives.

Sessions are scheduled weekly for a 10-week program and are optimized for groups of 20-30 participants. Scheduling is customized and multiple sessions can be scheduled on the same day to fit the needs of different teams across the company.



The most relaxing phone call of the day.

In Leo’s telephonic sessions, participants are guided through a relaxing and refreshing guided meditation that is 25 minutes long.

Participants simply dial into a conference line, get comfortable, and follow along. Leo guides callers through a meditation that includes gentle breathing, concentration, and observation practices designed to enhance mindfulness across all aspects of their lives.

Meditations are recorded for those who cannot make the live call but would like to meditate daily at their convenience. Callers are also invited to ask questions for a 10-minute Q&A period after the meditation.

The telephonic meditations sessions are most effective when coupled with monthly in-house workshops where Leo shares information on how to integrate meditation into a holistic mindfulness practice at home and work.



Individualized private sessions are perfect for those who want to learn mindfulness meditation techniques but are unable to attend the regularly scheduled classes or prefer a more private experience.

Each session is customized as part of a comprehensive – but agile- mindfulness meditation program designed to nurture lasting results.



For a customized package best suited for your company’s needs, please contact Leo directly at (929)215-5225 or by e-mail: Leo@MyGreatLifeCoach.com


Leo is a certified Positive Psychology Life Coach, a practitioner of Applied Positive Psychology, and a certified facilitator of Flourishing Skills Groups.

In addition to his private coaching practice, Leo leads courses, corporate workshops, and personalized individual training in meditation, mindful eating, stress management, and peaceful parenting.

Leo is the proud father of three children who constantly provide him invaluable lessons in mindfulness, presence, and happiness.

Learn more about Leo Aristimuno.


I was overwhelmed prior to taking this class. I feel so much better now. Freer.

Victoria C.

Better acceptance of ups and downs of daily life…understanding of stress.

Andy G.

I feel that I’m able to deal with stressful situations with a bit more lightness. Greater awareness. More patience.

Joe C.

The hour of SOAR-ing has felt healing — the availability of peace in a few breaths…I’ve deepened my home practice, elongating it, not skipping it as much…the acronym is a wonderful way to remember.

Bill Nathan

I take everyday with a lightness that I didn’t feel before…I feel as though my mind is open and one with everything.

Jenay C.

I am very grateful to have been in Leo’s class. It’s an honor and a privilege to have him as a teacher.

He taught me to be patient with myself and others.  This class has transformed me into a better ME. The awareness of the breath and the stillness has taught me in the midst of the chaos you can still have your peace…All the epiphanies week after week have been so amazing and now I have the tools to continue on my journey.

Jazmine S.

The use of meditation has helped me step back and look at situations – observing without reacting. It has helped me deal with everyday stress in amore positive and productive way. Leo is a fantastic instructor.

Janell C.

I work in a high stressed environment and have benefited tremendously from Leo’s meditation techniques. I thought I could never meditate, however his techniques have brought me to appreciate and actually look forward to meditating. My blood pressure and stress level have significantly improved. I highly recommend Leo’s meditation classes.

Tina Melendez

I take everyday with a lightness that I didn’t feel before…I feel as though my mind is open and one with everything.

Jenay C.

I highly recommend Leo’s meditation classes. I have learned how to breathe more deeply, relax, and focus on what is truly important in life. My relationships at home and work are more positive and easier to manage and my decision-making skills have improved tremendously. Thank you, Leo!

Susan Coke

Leo’s meditation classes have been an anchor for me, to stay present and feel peace within. I know that I have benefited from his spiritual leadership and will continue to grow on my spiritual journey.

Teri A.

I have learned to stay in the moment…I have used the breath to keep me in the now and most profoundly to control moments of slight anxiety.

Robyn W.

Leo’s meditations are just what the doctor ordered…..literally.  Because of my stress load, two doctors have told me I NEED to meditate.   When I meditate with Leo, I relax fully, and I feel better afterwards, for which I’m very grateful.  Thank you, Leo!

Martha Young

I reset occasionally to face scenarios with more lightness. I can put things in context, accept more, with more tolerance.

Doug G.

To fully describe what is so special about Leo and the meditation series that he leads is much like trying to describe the indescribable. His ability to create warmth and acceptance within a space for people of various backgrounds to gather is remarkable.

Leo, himself, embodies an unconditionally kind and gentle spirit that emanates beyond him to fill the space that he occupies.

Although meditation effectively alleviates stress and promotes inner peace, Leo is the catalyst to that endpoint within our gatherings.

As a well respected university professor, he is committed to higher levels of understanding. He is soft spoken, loving, intelligent and often very funny. Just sharing a laugh with him is time well spent.

He is a terrific storyteller and an excellent communicator with a truly gifted ability to guide others in meditation. He is fully present whenever we gather and somehow time magically stops as we sit together in meditation. It is a genuinely wonderful experience.

To know Leo, is to love him, and what he does is simply amazing.”

Helene Domaski